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Employment Law

Employment Law

Benton Williams PLLC is a Dallas-based, business-focused law firm that provides industry-leading representation in transactional, advisory, and litigation-related matters to employers and employees in a range of industries.  We routinely assist business leaders, professionals, and business entities to provide sophisticated representation at all stages.

Employment Disputes & Litigation

We maintain a broad commercial litigation practice in which we routinely represent both plaintiffs and defendants in employment disputes, from employment discrimination claims to disputes concerning restrictive covenants formed between employer-and-employee.

We often find that clients engaged in disputes in the employment law context are more interested in seeking a resolution that does not require expensive, uncertain, and intensive litigation — as such, from the very beginning of our representation of a client, we seek to identify what they consider a “win” in the dispute.  By focusing our efforts on what will be an ideal result for the client, we are able to work towards a creative, potentially litigation-avoidant solution that most effectively secures their interests.

Employment Policies & Compliance

We provide advisory services relating to employment policies and compliance issues, and specifically, with regard to how such policies (or the lack thereof) could give rise to litigation at a later date.  In advising employers, we benefit substantially from our cutting-edge litigation practice — having tried numerous cases to conclusion, we understand the lifecycle of a dispute and under what circumstances a given claim is likely to succeed.  The breadth and depth of our experiences in litigation have therefore empowered us with key insights that we can use to develop preventative measures (i.e., proactive employment policies) that ensure the risk of liability is minimized.

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Benton Williams PLLC is committed to the provision of truly client-focused, results-driven legal representation.  We work closely with clients at every stage of a given legal matter — whether inside or outside of the courtroom setting (litigating a complex employment dispute or establishing compliance protocol)— to ensure that we fully understand their goals and limitations, and can more effectively serve their interests.

We encourage you to call or email if you’d like to learn more about how we can assist you with your employment law concerns.  Our firm is located in the heart of Dallas at 100 Crescent Court.