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Business Law Firm Aimed at Advanced Client Service Launches in Dallas



Business Law Firm Aimed at Advanced Client Service Launches in Dallas

Benton Williams PLLC Moves into Crescent Court

We are pleased to announce Benton Williams PLLC, a business-focused law firm aimed at delivering advanced client service to each client throughout the state of Texas.  The firm’s office officially opened in Crescent Court in Dallas, Texas.

At Benton Williams PLLC, we represent a range of clients — from high net-worth professionals to individual business owners to shareholders and large companies — in complex, business-related matters.  The firm maintains a broad legal practice and performs transactional, advisory, and litigation services at all levels for individuals, businesses, trusts, and estates across Texas.

Benton Williams PLLC is fundamentally a business law firm, and its core areas of practice include: Litigation, Business and Corporate Transactions, Intellectual Property Protection, Employment Law, and Dispute Resolution.  

Though we compete largely on the basis of our legal acumen and well-considered approach to handling a legal matter, what sets the firm apart is an exceptional commitment to truly client-focused, comprehensive guidance throughout each stage of representation.  

Our firm is committed to delivering outstanding client-focused service.  The firm prides itself on the ability to understand each client’s unique objectives, current circumstances and goals for the future, as well as what each client defines as a win—this forms the NorthStar of the firm’s representation of each client.   

Contact Us

Feel free to email, call, or visit the firm’s website to discuss your legal matter and how the firm can serve you best. By establishing a responsive, communicative, and transparent working relationship early on in the client engagement process, we can set the tone for truly effective legal representation moving forward. We look forward to speaking with you further about your goals, needs, and concerns

May 7, 2019