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Firm Overview

Benton Williams PLLC

Benton Williams PLLC is a Dallas-based law firm focused on the provision of both transactional and litigation-related assistance on various business, intellectual property, and employment law matters.  We have deep legal expertise in these respective fields, and have worked with a wide range of clients (from high net-worth professionals to large companies) on legal concerns of substantial complexity.

We maintain a broad practice that has granted us key insight into how to handle complicated matters from beginning-to-end.  Though we are relentless and capable litigators, we pride ourselves on our business-minded, results-driven approach to navigating a legal dispute.  We routinely identify alternative solutions for resolving a case that are less disruptive to the profitable operation of a business (or to an individual’s capacity to earn).  With respect to our handling client transactional work, we take into account the potential risk of liability when structuring agreements, thus maximizing their cost-efficiency in the long-term.

Benton Williams

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Client-Focused Service

The legal industry has changed rapidly over the past decade, with many stakeholders recognizing the value provided by smaller firms that can provide sophisticated representation while remaining agile, responsive, and cost-flexible.  As a client, however, the choice can be daunting — finding the right firm can be an exercise in frustration. It can be a challenge to ascertain the differences. Our client-focused approach is a key differentiating factor. We do not engage our clients as mere “customers,” but instead seek to integrate the client’s goals as our own.

Client-focused service is fundamental to the core values of Benton Williams PLLC.  We believe the foundational concern in the provision of legal representation is what result the client considers a “win.”  This vision serves as the guiding light throughout the course of our legal representation on each matter. We begin representation by asking the client what they consider to be a win, and we work tirelessly towards achieving that goal  — whether through mediation, arbitration, trial, and beyond.

Transparent Fee Structure

Every client has unique goals, preferences, concerns, and budget restrictions.  We strive to tailor our representation to meet the unique needs of each client. This personalized approach applies to our fee structure — we are committed to the provision of cost-flexible solutions, and as such, we offer alternative fee structures in addition to our traditional hourly-rate structure.  We offer customized arrangements that include flat fee arrangements for specific projects. A predictable legal budget engenders trust, furthers transparency, and leads to cost-effective representation overall.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss your legal matter, please call or email us and see how our firm can best serve your needs.  We look forward to serving your best interests in and out of the courtroom.