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Business & Corporate Formation

Business & Corporate Formation

Benton Williams PLLC is a Dallas-based law firm handling transactional, advisory, and litigation for individuals and commercial entities that require assistance with their business-related matters.  We represent a variety of commercial clients, from small business owners to startups and large, Fortune 500 companies.

The significant breadth and depth of our experiences in handling business-related legal matters has given us insight into how to effectively guide a client through the business and corporate formation process — we are able to identify potential liability risks at an early stage and work closely with clients to develop documentation that minimizes such risks.

Every client is different, and so too are their goals, preferences, and limitations.  What works for one client may not necessarily be a suitable solution for another client, even if they are similarly-situated.  We maintain a close, transparent, and communicative relationship with our clients so that we have the information we need to represent their interests in a more personalized manner.

Fee Flexibility and Comprehensive Assistance

In today’s legal industry, business and corporate formation documents are increasingly commoditized, with many small law firms (and other businesses) offering generic documentation in a “race to the bottom.”  This trend may not necessarily lead to the best possible result for a client, but it is indicative of a need that was previously underserved by the legal community at-large — clients are interested in having their corporate formation needs met in a cost-and-time-efficient manner.

We believe that there’s a better solution.  We offer fee flexible arrangements that include flat fee agreements and competitive hourly fee arrangements — whatever is most suitable for the client.  By working with clients on a fee solution that is tailored to their particular circumstances, we are able to provide comprehensive legal service without overextending the client.  This ensures that the client can make use of our high-end representation (in which we will identify potential issues and draft corporate formation documents that effectively resolve those issues) to the degree necessary.  Setting clear expectations early on can help to build trust in the attorney-client relationship and gives both parties the space to communicate transparently about what they would like to accomplish over the course of representation, and what are the possibilities/limitations.

Contact Us

It is our belief that comprehensive, detail-oriented legal service is necessary to ensure long-term success with respect to minimizing the risk of liability.  If you require assistance with strategizing, drafting, and executing business and corporate formation documentation, then we encourage you to contact Benton Williams PLLC for guidance.

Call or email us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate the corporate formation process in a way that properly secures both your business and legal interests.  Our firm is conveniently located at Crescent Court, in the heart of Dallas, TX, where downtown and uptown meet. We look forward to working with you.