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Trademark Protection

Trademark Protection

Benton Williams PLLC is a Dallas-based business law firm with a substantial intellectual property practice that includes the provision of trademark protection services.  We represent a range of clients, from individual business owners to early-stage businesses and large corporations.

We handle transactional, advisory, and litigation-related matters that impact commercial entities, including complex intellectual property issues (i.e., trademark protection concerns).  These broad experiences allow a bird’s eye perspective of the trademark protection process, giving us the insight necessary to guide our clients in a way that is considerate of the potential legal implications.

Comprehensive Trademark Guidance

For many companies, trademarks count among their most valuable assets — particularly internet-oriented businesses, whose brand may lie at the very core of their business proposition.  As such, it’s critical that trademark protection be comprehensively evaluated and that proper counsel is given with regard to its strength. If a trademark is fundamentally weak due to its lyrical construction, for example, then we will communicate our concerns to the client and work with them to transparently evaluate their options and determine whether to continue with their intended trademark or create a modified trademark.

We invest significant time, attention, and resources into understanding what drives our clients from both a business and legal perspective.  When providing trademark protection services, we are keenly aware of both the “holistic” consequences of trademark choice — though one trademark option may be stronger from a legal liability perspective, the client may prefer a weaker trademark option that is a better fit for their business.  We engage closely with the client to identify solutions that take into account all the relevant factors and achieve their overall goals.

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Please call or email our firm to discuss how we can help. We look forward to advancing your business and legal interests at every stage of representation, whether inside or outside of the courtroom.  Our firm is located in the heart of Dallas at 100 Crescent Court. A map for directions to our firm is located below.

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